The Nolet Windmill

The Tallest Windmill in the World

In the heart of Schiedam, the charming Dutch town known for its historic windmills, stands the majestic Nolet Windmill. With its towering height and intricate design, this iconic landmark has become a symbol of Dutch craftsmanship and innovation.


The Nolet Windmill, also known as “De Nolet”, is a testament to the rich history of windmills in the Netherlands. At an impressive height of 131 feet (41 meters high), it proudly claims the title of the tallest windmill in the world. Its colossal wooden sails, painted a striking shade of green, dominate the skyline and attract visitors from all over the world.


Built in 2006 by Nolet Distillery, the windmill is a modern marvel that pays homage to traditional Dutch windmill design. Its main purpose is not to grind grain or pump water like its predecessors, but to generate green energy. The Nolet family, owners of the distillery, were committed to sustainability and decided to harness the power of the wind to reduce their environmental footprint.

The Nolet Windmill generates electricity that not only powers the distillery, but also feeds excess energy back into the grid, benefiting the entire community. It symbolizes a harmonious mix of tradition and innovation, as it lies in the middle of a landscape full of historic windmills, each of which tells its own story of bygone eras.

Visitors can explore the Nolet Windmill and witness the intricate machinery that converts wind into electricity. Guided tours take you through the inner workings of the windmill and explain its role in sustainable energy production as well as the history of windmills in the region.


The significance of the Nolet windmill goes beyond its functional purpose. It has become a popular backdrop for photographs and captures the essence of Dutch culture and ingenuity. It is a must for tourists who want to experience the charm of Schiedam and immerse themselves in the history of windmills.


The presence of the Nolet Windmill is a reminder that the legacy of windmills continues into the modern world, with the Nolet Windmill leading the way for sustainable energy and celebrating the timeless beauty of Dutch engineering.

In Schiedam, the Nolet Windmill, a beacon of innovation and a symbol of the past and the future, stands, inviting all to witness its size and the rich history it represents.