Schiedam Windmills

In the picturesque Dutch town of Schiedam, nestled along the banks of the serene River Schie, a unique and enchanting sight awaits those who venture its cobbled streets. Towering giants of craftsmanship, the Windmills of Schiedam stand tall and proud, capturing the imagination of all who behold them.


There are 7 city windmills in Schiedam:


These iconic windmills, often referred to as the "Schiedamse Molens," have long been a symbol of this historic town. With their colossal wooden arms reaching out to the heavens, they whisper tales of centuries past. In a world driven by modern technology, they stand as guardians of tradition, a testament to the ingenuity of the Dutch people.

Each windmill tells its own story. The towering Nolet Mill, the tallest in the world, is a marvel of engineering and craftsmanship. It once ground grains into flour, sustaining the town through times of scarcity. Today, it houses a renowned distillery, producing world-class spirits that honor the heritage of the land.


As you stroll through Schiedam, you'll encounter the graceful De Vrijheid and the regal De Drie Koornbloemen, each a work of art in its own right. They served as grain mills and played a crucial role in the town's economic prosperity during the 18th century.

In Schiedam, the windmills aren't just relics of the past; they're living, breathing entities. Their mighty arms continue to spin, harnessing the power of the wind to perform a variety of functions. From grinding grain to sawing timber, their timeless utility is a testament to their enduring relevance.


The Windmills of Schiedam have also become a cherished tourist attraction, drawing visitors from around the globe. People come to marvel at their grandeur, to explore their inner workings, and to learn about the rich history that surrounds them. For those seeking a unique cultural experience, a visit to Schiedam's windmills is a journey through time and a celebration of Dutch heritage.

In Schiedam, the windmills are more than just a symbol; they are a living legacy. They remind us that while the world may change, some things endure. These majestic structures continue to stand as beacons of history, culture, and innovation, and they invite us to appreciate the beauty of the past in the heart of the present.