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Welcome to Schiedam

Schiedam is a city and municipality in the province of South-Holland in the Netherlands and is part of the Rotterdam metropolitan area. The city is best known for Jenever (gin), its historical centre with a 14th-century church, 16th-century town hall, 16th century canals, the ruins of a 13th-century castle and eight windmills including the tallest and oldest windmill in the world.

The best ways to explore Schiedam are by foot or on a bicycle. Schiedam, like any other city in The Netherlands, is very bicycle-friendly. There are separate bike lanes on most major streets. The museums, monumental buildings, windmills, restaurants, art galleries and shops are all well within walking or cycling distance. Schiedam has the biggest historical city centre of the Rijnmond area. The city was built by prosperous distillers, Schiedam is well known for jenever (gin), it was once the gin capital of the world.

Schiedam has about 225 historical monuments and sights, these and the museums tell the rich history of the city. Saint Liduina's, one of the most famous Dutch saints, beautiful relics are located in the Liduina Basiliek.

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (Dutch modern and contemporary art, wonderful permanent collection of over 250 Cobra works and other exhibitions), Nationaal Jenevermuseum (Gin museum) Schiedam, Nationaal Coöperatie Museum (old Dutch grocery store), Museummolen De Nieuwe Palmboom (Windmill museums with miller at work), Branderij De Tweelingh and Borrelmuseum - ‘t Spul.

Many restaurants and cafés are situated in monumental warehouses, malt-houses or mills. Check out the Grote Markt, one of the liveliest squares in the region, there you can find Art Gallery Voûte.

Schiedam can also be discovered from the water: from April till October you can take a tour on the fluisterboot (boat propelled by electric motor, whisper boat).