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Lunch restaurants Schiedam

On this page you will find lunch eateries (lunch restaurants, lunchrooms, tearooms, brasserie, cafe, restaurant) where you can have lunch in and around Schiedam.


Brasserie Stadhuis

Grote Markt 1a

3111 NG Schiedam

Tel.: 010 2460024
Restaurant Stadhuis Schiedam

Zlig, Eten & Drinken Schiedam

Zlig, Eten & Drinken
Grote Markt 2a
3111 NJ Schiedam
Tel.: 010 4260575
Zaalig Schiedam

Lucas Drinkwinkel Schiedam

Lucas Drinkwinkel
Grote Markt 15
3111 NG Schiedam
Tel.: 010 7371310

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